Get to know your lace.



Whether you’re buying a frontal or having a custom wig made by Olympia Beauty & Style, the time will come to choose your lace.


Partial lace units like closures and frontals offer you the opportunity to create a variety of styles while wearing sew ins and wigs. The 360 frontal ponytail is another popular example of a partial lace unit being manipulated to provide a desired style. Full lace wigs allow you the freedom to free-part the entire unit without limitations.


With all of these units of different shapes and sizes available, what’s the hype about choosing a specific kind of lace? Here’s what you need to know about each type of lace on the market:




Silk based units are created using double layers of a special type of lace, allowing the knots from each strand of hair to remain hidden in the bottom layer of lace. This method of hiding the knots creates a natural and undetectable foundation that blends seamlessly with the scalp. Silk based units are highly recommended for first-time wig wearers as they require very little manipulation and minimal parting adjustments.




HD is a modern term referring to Swiss Lace units like closures, frontals, and wigs. Swiss lace is a regal type of lace that is noticeably thinner than traditional lace, and is often more delicate and fragile. Swiss lace allows the individual strands to create a more natural hairline appearance while requiring minimal customization. Swiss lace is a more translucent material, allowing the shade of the material to blend more seamlessly with your scalp’s complexion.



Transparent Lace is the traditional lace fabric used for wig-making. The transparency is simply a color choice made by the wig-wearer to match your skin tone. This traditional lace is typically offered in light brown, medium, dark brown, and clear (transparent). Regular lace is slightly thicker than HD lace, requiring a bit more color-matching efforts and hairline customization before wearing the unit.

When choosing a lace unit, consider your experience with wigs and extensions. If you are skilled at customizing units to fit your desired hairline and style, any of these options will work great for you! For beginners and those who prefer to make minimal adjustments after the unit is made, Swiss Lace and Silk are the best choices.

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