Get to know your lace.

THE TYPES OF LACE: SILK BASE, HD SWISS, & TRANSPARENT LACE   Whether you’re buying a frontal or having a custom wig made by Olympia Beauty & Style, the time will come to choose your lace.   Partial lace units like closures and frontals offer you the opportunity to create a variety of styles while wearing sew ins and wigs. The 360 frontal ponytail is another popular example of a partial lace unit being manipulated to provide a desired style. Full lace wigs allow you the freedom to free-part the entire unit without limitations.   With all of these units of different shapes and sizes available, what’s the hype about choosing a specific kind of lace? Here’s what you need to know about each type of lace on the market:   SILK BASE   Silk based units are created using double layers of a special type of lace, allowing the knots from each strand of hair to remain hidden in the bottom layer of lace. This method of hiding the knots creates a natural and undetectable foundation that blends seamlessly with the scalp. Silk based units are highly recommended for first-time wig wearers as they require very little manipulation and minimal parting adjustments.   HD SWISS LACE   HD is a modern term referring to Swiss Lace units like closures, frontals, and wigs. Swiss lace is a regal type of lace that is noticeably thinner than traditional lace, and is often more delicate and fragile. Swiss lace allows the individual strands to create a more natural hairline appearance while requiring minimal customization. Swiss lace is a more translucent material, allowing the shade of the material to blend more seamlessly with your scalp’s complexion.   TRANSPARENT LACE Transparent Lace is the traditional lace fabric used for wig-making. The transparency is simply a color choice made by the wig-wearer to match your skin tone. This traditional lace is typically offered in light brown, medium, dark brown, and clear (transparent). Regular lace is slightly thicker than HD lace, requiring a bit more color-matching efforts and hairline customization before wearing the unit. When choosing a lace unit, consider your experience with wigs and extensions. If you are skilled at customizing units to fit your desired hairline and style, any of these options will work great for you! For beginners and those who prefer to make minimal adjustments after the unit is made, Swiss Lace…

Hair variations

THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN RAW, VIRGIN, AND PROCESSED HAIR. Shopping for hair extensions and wigs is a serious selection process! As the hair industry grows, hair lovers are being provided with many new types and textures on a regular basis. This increase in variety can make it even harder to choose the best kind of hair for your desired style. At Olympia Beauty & Style, we offer 100% Raw and 100% Virgin hair extensions.  If you read that, and thought “Wait, aren’t raw and virgin hair the same thing?” --WRONG! Keep reading honey, we’ve got you covered. Here are the differences between raw, virgin, and processed hair: RAW HAIR is pretty self-explanatory in its name. It is raw, unprocessed, 100% authentic human hair. This hair is pure and natural, and will not have undergone ANY chemical, heat or steam processing before you purchase it. Raw hair’s untouched strands can be re-used for years with proper care, but be sure to keep it moisturized as it is typically a bit coarser than virgin hair extensions. Although no two bundles of raw hair are the same, raw hair is typically available in straight, wavy, and curly hair patterns. Unlike virgin hair, raw hair textures may not always provide identical curl and wave patterns because the bundles have not been steamed or manipulated to create a sense of uniformity among the strands. VIRGIN HAIR is one of the most popular hair types on the market. The term “virgin” when related to hair, is used to refer to hair that has not ever been chemically processed, treated, or dyed. Virgin hair is different from raw hair because, although it is natural, it has been treated with non-chemical remedies such as steaming and rolling. Steaming the hair enhances the desired hair texture which often results in longer lasting curls and waves. Steaming the hair also helps to create a uniform hair pattern, setting them apart from raw hair extensions. With virgin hair, you are more likely to order the same hair type twice without many differences in texture between purchases.  PROCESSED HAIR has been altered with chemicals and cannot be worn in its natural state. Common chemical processes include perms, relaxers, texturizers, treatments, and dyes. These alterations often decrease the quality and longevity of the hair extensions by making harsh and permanent changes to the strands. Processed hair textures may dry out quickly and require plenty of maintenance as they commonly…

Maintaining your extensions

MAINTAINING THE LONGEVITY OF YOUR EXTENSIONS.   If you’re new to wearing extensions, caring for them properly can become a handful. Sometimes it can take up your whole day if you’re unsure of how to handle them! No worries. At Olympia Beauty & Style, our wigs and extensions are hand selected to ensure that you’ll have them for years with proper care. Not sure what proper care is? We’ve got tips for maintaining your extensions so that you can experience their full longevity.   CO-WASHING: The act of cleansing your hair with conditioner only is considered co-washing. Co-washing is essential to caring for hair extensions as it promotes moisture and helps to maintain the desired texture. This method is a go-to solution for refreshing curly and wavy textures, while also restoring straight extensions when they become dry from applying heat. AIR-DRYING: When it comes to drying your co-washed extensions, air-drying is the smartest choice. It allows the hair to retain the natural moisture from the water while avoiding the excess heat that the bundle experience when interacting with a blow dryer. To air-dry your extensions, hang them in a cool dry space where they can experience constant air flow from a fan or a window. When air-drying your wigs, detangle them and place them on a wig stand with a hollow center to allow airflow through the lace while maintaining the unit’s shape. At Olympia Beauty & Style, we provide a Collapsible Wig Stand that’s perfect for allowing your wig to air dry on wash day. Here’s the link: LOW HEAT STYLES: The less heat your extensions experience, the longer they will last. Checkout these gorgeous low-heat styles for your extensions from some of our favorite influencers:   VIDEO: INSTAGRAM: @_REBIANASYMONE   VIDEO: INSTAGRAM: @dyamondmyne   VIDEO: INSTAGRAM: @halfricanbeaute