Maintaining your extensions

MAINTAINING THE LONGEVITY OF YOUR EXTENSIONS.   If you’re new to wearing extensions, caring for them properly can become a handful. Sometimes it can take up your whole day if you’re unsure of how to handle them! No worries. At Olympia Beauty & Style, our wigs and extensions are hand selected to ensure that you’ll have them for years with proper care. Not sure what proper care is? We’ve got tips for maintaining your extensions so that you can experience their full longevity.   CO-WASHING: The act of cleansing your hair with conditioner only is considered co-washing. Co-washing is essential to caring for hair extensions as it promotes moisture and helps to maintain the desired texture. This method is a go-to solution for refreshing curly and wavy textures, while also restoring straight extensions when they become dry from applying heat. AIR-DRYING: When it comes to drying your co-washed extensions, air-drying is the smartest choice. It allows the hair to retain the natural moisture from the water while avoiding the excess heat that the bundle experience when interacting with a blow dryer. To air-dry your extensions, hang them in a cool dry space where they can experience constant air flow from a fan or a window. When air-drying your wigs, detangle them and place them on a wig stand with a hollow center to allow airflow through the lace while maintaining the unit’s shape. At Olympia Beauty & Style, we provide a Collapsible Wig Stand that’s perfect for allowing your wig to air dry on wash day. Here’s the link: LOW HEAT STYLES: The less heat your extensions experience, the longer they will last. Checkout these gorgeous low-heat styles for your extensions from some of our favorite influencers:   VIDEO: INSTAGRAM: @_REBIANASYMONE   VIDEO: INSTAGRAM: @dyamondmyne   VIDEO: INSTAGRAM: @halfricanbeaute